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The project shall lead to excellent online tourism information products (online platform + ticketing tool) and strengthen the common identity of the region. The prerequisites for investments in a visitor guidance system shall be investigated and prepared. The results and impact of the project are foreseen as a strengthening of positioning of the partners by marketing and PR activities of the partners thus increasing the visitor numbers in the museums. Further investments and co-operation projects shall result from the project. The co-operation network shall be strengthened, from a starting point of loose contacts among the museums to long-term co-operation agreements between partners. The network shall be broadened by an information group and further museums asked for their input and potential later participation.

The following outputs are expected from the different project components:

Component 1 Overall Projectmanagement

  • online project management platform
  • BalticMuseums Conference
  • established information group/advisory board

Component 2 Communication & Dissemination

  • project website
  • website communication plan
  • communication concept
  • leaflet
  • various, multilingual press releases and newsletters

Component 3 Online Information Platform

  • multi-lingual online information platform
  • website communication plan
  • technical documentation of the online platform system
  • concept for continuous update

Component 4 Online Ticketing Tool

  • Online Ticketing Tool
  • technical documentation of the ticketing tool system
  • concept of economic utilization
  • operating model

Component 5 Visitor Guidance System

  • prototype visitor guidance system
  • implementation plan for partners



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