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The project will attract international tourists by offering tours in several languages by eGuides and encourage the mutual partnership by a long-term-network.

Introducing a similar eGuide system fed by common shared content will solve the challenge of future attractiveness and increased accessibility while at the same time efficiently using the limited resources of the museums. The systematic content sharing provokes that the cross-border cooperation is integrated in the daily routine of the partners, thus always being aware of actual developments in each other’s exhibitions.

The following selected outputs are expected from the different project components:

Component 1 Overall Project Management

  • Continue using and further advancing the online management platform
  • Quality management by a proper documentation system
  • Increased frequency of meetings of the whole project team

Component 2 Communication & Dissemination

  • Enlarging the existing project website for a section about the BalticMuseums 2.0 Plus
  • Demo version of the eGuide will be available on the Online Information Platform
  • Online media
  • Flyers and newsletters
  • Organize kick-off events

Component 3 Development of eGuide content

  • Pre-testing the prototype of the eGuide
  • Develop a list of Point of Interests and produce this content
  • Study visits to collect best-practice examples
  • Concept for the multiple use of produced content

Component 4 Implementation

  • Concept for the hardware for the museums
  • Implementation of the purchased hardware
  • Written documentation
  • Training sessions for educating the local stuff

Component 5 Evaluation, Adaptation and Organisational Embedment

  • Conduction of two visitors acceptance tests per museum
  • Fixed framework for a cooperation agreement



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Lithuanian eGuides
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