>>Project Extension 2015

The „BalticMuseums 2.0 Plus“ project was granted additional funding of over 100.000 Euros by the European Union. This extension will prolong the project until end of April 2015.

The project experts’ vision of the future is to apply innovative means to intensify the knowledge transfer of the content generated in the BalticMuseums cooperation to the public: the museums take their knowledge out to the people. This way the natural and cultural heritage of South-Baltic Region (SBR) would be set in more valuable use and museums (comparable institutions as well) would rise their attractiveness to possible visitors. The means shall reach out to where people are both in the museums but also apart from the museums’ premises. The eGuide content shall be used for that purpose, addressing both the general public but also other institutions.

To lay the foundation for this vision, in the applied prolongation period the activities will be threefold: firstly the projects’ network shall be enlarged and motivated for an even stronger cooperation, secondly trends for innovative tools and services for knowledge-transfer shall be researched and thirdly appropriate dissemination activities shall be identified. Based on these fundamentals, the lead partner shall govern the joint work towards a further co-operation project for the new funding period to enhance the cooperation work of the BalticMuseums network even further.

New Associated Organisations

Estonian Maritime Museum (EE)

Arteria Association (PL)

National Maritime Museum (PL)

Unizeto Technologies S.A. (PL)




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