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In the South Baltic region, tourism is one important growth factor. Oceanographic museums are major attractions in the South Baltic region preserving and presenting the natural and cultural maritime heritage to domestic and international visitors. The exposition of that content is the very heart of the museums’ competence and uniqueness. In the South Baltic region, two scientific partners and four museums (including one partner from

Kaliningrad) have cleared the way to share the museums’ content by building up a trustful personal relationship derived from the present project BalticMuseums 2.0.

As part of the current project BalticMuseums 2.0 a prototype of a visitor guidance system is being developed. The so far conducted research and testing has revealed the great potential of multi-media visitor guidance systems (eGuides) to enable the museums to share their content easily. eGuides are devices delivering audio, photo, text and other material to the visitor in an attractive way while walking through the museum. With e.g. RFID technology

different objects are allocated and the content saved for specific Points of Interest is displayed to the visitor. By using similar eGuide devices in all museums, synergies in content development can be exploited, technical experience be shared and purchasing power used. In the new project BalticMuseums 2.0 Plus the partners want to join forces to realise a challenging system to share contents for eGuides.

After the project the museums will exploit the technological opportunities of an eGuide to offer more, tailor-made and multi-lingual information about the natural heritage to their visitors. The museums will share their workload to develop content for highlight tours by using a defined procedure for joint content production and translation. The museums will provide an additional attraction to visitors with an up-to-date presentation. With this new way of experiencing the museums the accessibility for international visitors will be increased. The partnership for eGuides will affect the daily work in the museums, thus deeply anchoring the cross-border cooperation in the organisation.




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