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The German Oceanographic Museum in Stralsund is the largest museum of natural science in North Germany. It is located in an early Gothic monastery, an architectural gem.

The wide-ranging, up-to-date exhibitions held here provide an accessible, vivid picture of the diversity of marine life as well as its use to and exploration by man.

The effectiveness of the exhibition on marine life is enhanced by the addition of 45 aquaria, covering a diverse range of indigenous and tropical sea creatures.

The German Oceanographic Museum also has an added branch in The Western Pomeranian Bodden Landscape National Park, the NATUREUM Darßer Ort . The second such addition to the museum, the NAUTINEUM at Dänholm in Stralsund, was opened on 1 June 1999.

The fourth and largest branch – the OZEANEUM - opened in July 2008. About one million visitors were welcomed in the first year after its opening. The modern architecture of the OZEANEUM hosts an underwater journey along the Northern Seas. Europe’s largest exhibition about the Baltic Sea is only one of five exhibitions with numerous original exhibits. Unusual is the size of most of the 40 aquaria at the OZEANEUM. Visitors are invited to discover the different habitats of the Baltic and the North Sea, the North Atlantic and the Polar Sea. With the OZEANEUM and its other three branches, the German Oceanographic Museum was one of the three most visited museums in Germanyin 2009. The OZEANEUM was awarded as “European Museum of the Year 2010”.


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