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The Gdynia Aquarium is a marine education facility which fulfills the mission of the Museum to inspire a passion for the natural world. It offers the largest collection of aquatic animals in Poland. The permanent exhibition and educational activity including i.e. laboratory and field workshops, multimedia presentations and lectures, educational sea cruises etc. are designed to help visitors to experience scientific discovery. The Gdynia Aquarium is part of The Sea Fisheries Institute in Gdynia. Institute is the oldest marine and fisheries research institution in Poland. It was established in 1921.

The Aquarium is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the ThreeCity. In 2007 it was visited by nearly 500 000 visitors and over 23 000 school children and youngsters from the whole country participated in the Gdynia Aquarium’s marine educational program.

The collection consists of more than 1500 animals representing about 180 species from various world regions.


Gdynia Aquarium interior

Visitors of the Aquarium can observe an amazing coral-reef with a large variety of colorful fish such as the seahorses and the lionfish, as well as the sea invertebrates such as the sea anemone. The impression is definitely magic. The red-piranha, the mexican blind cave tetra or the ocellate river stingray are also very popular among the visitors.

The Aquarium is very proud of its moray collection. Visitors observing the small zebra-moray and few-meters long, very dangerous giant morey have an opportunity to realize an incredible diversity of life on Earth. Two black tip reef sharks and the green turtle in one tank are another attraction of the museum.

Some of the Gdynia Aquarium residents are living at the border between land and water. Green anacondas usually bring up the visitor’s blood pressure. Chinese water dragon and snapping turtle are also worth seeing.

The touch and feel pond with flounders and round gobies usually gives the people, especially children, lot of fun and excitement.

More information on the Gdynia Aquarium and many photo images can be found at the address: http://www.akwarium.gdynia.pl





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